-Second Period- Application Form of Balance Refund for Customers who has not accepted the Contract Succession of Former Zaif Business

    1.Balance Refund Application (from August 2 until November 30)

    As it was notified in the "Notification of refund application acceptance start",Tech Bureau, Corp. is now ready to perform Refund Correspondence for the Customers who have not Accepted the Contract Succession after the Completion of Zaif Business Transfer, and begins accepting the application forms.Please be sure to confirm the details of "Notification of refund application acceptance start" before applying.


    The customers who has already accepted the Contract Succession of Zaif Business to Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange are not subjected to the refund application.

    <Refund Application Form>

    Please make sure to upload your ID document since we will be accepting the refund application after verifying your ID even though there has been a change to your postal address, you have not yet registered your ID document, and/or you are not certain with your registered information.
    *Examples of ID Documents